Osteoarthritis commonly affects the knees, causing joint pain and stiffness, and gradually worsens with time. Because it may interfere with a person's daily activities, taking steps to actively manage your osteoarthritis could help you to gain control over your symptoms and remain active.


Knee osteoarthritis is a leading cause of disability and can dramatically impact a person's everyday life. OA can cause normal movements such as walking, bending and climbing steps to become painful and may seriously limit a person's ability to function.

With all of today's medical advances, sorting through your treatment options can be overwhelming. Taking part in an osteoarthritis knee pain research study may provide you with a treatment option while at the same time helping to make a difference for people everywhere suffering from osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritis Knee Pain Study

This study is evaluating an investigational medication to relieve chronic knee pain with fewer side effects.

Who qualifies?

You may qualify if you regularly take medication to control osteoarthritis knee pain (5-7 days a week).

Qualified participants receive:

  • Study-related physician’s care and close monitoring
  • Study-related medication, exams and lab tests
  • Expert advice about your condition and treatment options
  • Compensation for your time and travel
  • There is no cost - and no need for medical insurance

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