Obesity is a medical condition many of us face. Having too much body fat may lead to an adverse effect on your health, a shorter life expectancy and/or increased health problems. Obesity-related conditions include type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and certain types of cancer, which are some of the leading causes of death.

Obesity is a growing epidemic in the United States. Nearly 93 million Americans are affected by obesity, and that number is predicted to climb to 120 million within the next five years. Medical research suggests that losing just five percent of your body weight can significantly improve your health and reduce the risk of complications from diabetes and heart disease. A large, long-term clinical research study called the Light Study is being conducted to assess the cardiovascular health outcomes associated with a new investigational drug for weight loss.

Weight Loss Study

In clinical trials that have enrolled over 4,500 people, this investigational medication has been shown to help people lose weight, keep it off for one year and improve measures of health and well being including losing inches from their waistlines, improving their cholesterol numbers, and making significant improvements in their blood sugar levels. For those who have struggled to find success with diet and exercise alone, the Light Study may be a jumpstart to a healthy future.

 Who qualifies?

You may qualify if you are:

*A man age 45+ or a woman age 50+

*Need to lose weight and

*Have heart disease and/or type 2 diabetes with certain heart risk factors

Qualified participants receive:

  • Study-related physician's care and close monitoring
  • Study-related medication, exams and lab tests
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Compensation for time and travel
  • There is no cost- and no need for medical insurance


In addition to receiving study medication, those who qualify and choose to participate in the Light Study will be part of an innovative, comprehensive weight managament program called WeighMate. Delivered through an internted-based platform by accredited health and fitness professionals, WeightMate provides a convenient, progressive nutrition and exercise program with goal setting and tracking tools.


To live light is to live right-not just losing weight, and the Light Study may be a jumpstart to a healthy future.

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